Service detail

At Bianco Electric we offer outdoor Security Lighting and security cameras to  create a safer environment for your home.  With the help of this full-service, turnkey program that provides complete outdoor lighting systems for homeowners we want to

allow us to  create a lighting system that meets all your expectations and needs. we will send a service technicians directly to your property to design a lighting plan tailored to your requests. Lights can be installed on existing utility poles or on specially placed poles based on the necessary level of lighting.
When power supply is critical, your need an emergency service provider ready to go at a moments notice.

We are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your Franklin Square Electrical Emergency needs. Serious emergency issues, especially after heavy rains or other bad weather conditions can cause power outages to your home.

 We pride ourselves on being ready to respond swiftly to any emergency that may arise. Our Franklin Square electricians will arrive in a fully stocked vehicle with hundreds of parts, for the perfect solution to repair any issue that you have with your electric.   Once a job is evaluated and priced out, they will be no hidden fees.

 We know how uncomfortable an emergency can be, so we strive to assist you as fast and efficiently as possible, with the least bit of inconvenience to you.